Addiction Does Not Discriminate

Addiction affects the young and old. Addiction doesn’t care what kind of car you drive or what neighborhood you are from. It doesn’t matter if a person’s parents are divorced or still together. You can put your son or daughter in the best school there is, but that won’t protect them from the ugly reality of addiction.

Help For Your Teen

Families often don’t know where to turn for help when it comes to teen substance abuse, let me help support you and help you navigate the process of getting your child help. I am here to answer your questions and help you determine the best path toward addiction recovery so your child can grow up to be a healthy adult.

Finding out that your child is struggling with substance abuse in adolescence can be a parent’s worst nightmare, but there is hope and there is help. If caught early and properly treated, with professional care, individuals who begin abusing drugs or alcohol at an early age are more likely to move beyond the despair and destruction of addiction.

Together, we can use my decades of experience as a professional drug and alcohol counselor treating the physical, emotional, and physiological needs of teens with substance abuse issues.