Let’s Do This

“It’s easy to quit – I’ve done it a hundred times!”

When you’re ready to face the challenge of addiction recovery, I am here for you. It won’t be easy, but it is possible with your unwavering commitment and our compassionate experienced guidance. I want to provide the best possible experience when it comes to your addiction recovery. It can be intimidating to take the first step on your path to recovery, together we will walk  through the process.  Let's work together to  take back your life and move forward towards an amazing future.

Assessing Your Addiction Recovery Needs

Determining The Best Course Of Action

I always work from the perspective of what is best for you. Here, clients discover how to internalize recovery concepts and tools, and implement newly acquired skills. I foster “personal empowerment” and encourage the client’s family to be engaged in the treatment process from beginning to end.

Every effort is made to respond to an individual’s needs, taking into account relevant financial, medical and/or legal factors.
  • We will collaborate to develop an individualized treatment plan designed to reduce or eliminate emotional, behavioral, and situational obstacles to addiction recovery.
  • My philosophy is an an integrated approach utilizing recognized counseling methods in combination with the 12-Step model and other addiction treatment modalities, including individual and group counseling, education, intra- and inter-personal skill development, and  relapse prevention training.
  • Ongoing assessments with appropriate modifications to the treatment are carried out throughout the treatment process.

Managing Recovery Expectations

Many people rely on substances for immediate reward. Sustaining sobriety can be a rewarding path that requires effort and patience; however, as with other life achievements, the rewards are often not immediate.

It is vital to a healthy and sustainable recovery that all people involved in the recovery effort — from the treatment provider to loved ones — have realistic expectations before, during and, more importantly, after treatment.

Having well-defined expectations prevents anxiety and frustration while providing a sense of ease and peace of mind. Being comfortable in our skin is a well-calibrated sense of what one can expect from life, others, and oneself.

Recovery Is Varied and Nuanced in Each Individual

Of course, it would be lovely if life only got better from the moment of sobriety. Unfortunately, that is not the nature of life for anyone. Life is constantly changing, full of ups and downs and highs and lows. One day might be great, and the next day may be challenging. Life takes careful and constant steering to avoid disappointment and frustration from expectations being set too high or too low. Having the proper perspective of goals and accountability is incredibly important in maintaining a healthy and productive life.

Recovering from addiction is not just a matter of abstaining from substance use; it takes fundamental life changes to achieve and maintain the desired goal, including:

  • Addressing any co-occurring mental health issues
  • Learning new coping skills to deal with sadness, anger, and frustration
  • Creating a solid and healthy social support system
  • Rebuilding trust
  • Learning to communicate effectively
  • Making positive lifestyle changes

Having healthy and stable relationships is essential to a happy life. As human beings, we need to feel loved, heard, and understood. Having solid support through this rollercoaster called life gives us the anchor we need when life shakes us up and sets us adrift. It also allows us to support and anchor to someone else, which provides us a wonderful sense of purpose.

It is essential to be optimistic after treatment as it is perfectly natural to expect life to get better once you become sober. Expect challenges and take things one day at a time, sticking to a healthy path even when you feel tired. These are the keys to a successful recovery and a healthy life.